Session Summary

Astral travel is an exciting part of the ascension experience. This wayshower session is designed to support understanding of what working in the astrals is, how to do it in your own practice, and how to be able to recall and connect with conscious intent. Beginning with a discussion of astrals and dimensional connection, this talk covers topics such as creating a high vibe travel plan, remembering what one is doing during sleep, becoming more conscious of what we are doing awake, and how to refine these skills for lightwork. Its intention is to provide participants with a grounded awareness of astral activities and how to participate in them with mastery.

  • Awareness

    A main purpose of this session is to support you in understanding more about what astral work is, how to do it, and how to interpret what you are already doing. This includes recall exercises.

  • Creation

    A second focus is on creating high vibrational astral experiences. This includes understanding what travel means and how it works. Learn how how to keep your experience clear and aligned with the astral reality you wish to connect.

  • Astral Safety

    Astral travel as part of life and work!

Course curriculum


Exchange for this offering is $20.20 - $30.30 based on the pay what you can principle. If you are keen to learn but without that amount, reach out.