This Package Includes

  • Real Talk and Tools

    The path brings us many places including those relationships/institutions/pathways that are ready to be dissolved and/or updated. This toolkit focuses on sharing about the ways we are able to turn seemingly difficult situations into opportunities for growth.

  • All New Materials

    Everything in this package is brand new, being recorded post eclipse January 2020. I have found myself in a pathway situation where sharing about this is a priority. My life has created the opportunity to share real time support/information/and insights being inspired by where I (we) are in this now.

  • Sharing High Vibe Community

    For those who are seeking community: As part of this experience, I am opening up a forum special focus on this for a month. Registrants are welcomed. Not interested in that? No problem. Tools are available on their own for reduced tuition. See the $22 option!

Course curriculum


For tool kit only access: $22.22. For forum/call access inclusive package: $44.44 - $66.66. If you are unable to make that exchange, please contact me directly. So long as it is in balance, I am happy to share this material with those ready to work in high vibe form with it.

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