• Upgrading and Expanding Knowledge

    Each session in this series consists of brand new, rainbow edge ascension material. They layer together to tell a story of the emerging capabilities of our earth including how crystal networks in the planet speak to one another (ad us), the ways we can create clear and precise codes, connecting to the awakening animal kingdom, and our crytalline grid system.

  • 5 Sessions to View As You are Ready!

    All sessions in this upgrade and expansion package are between 70 - 90 minutes long. They are available to stream through this site. You may revisit them as many times as you like, with each holding specific knowledge keys designed to spark your divine connection and creation!

  • Preparing for Lion's Gate through 2020

    The purpose of releasing this material was to create an opening and sharing of the upcoming themes of our development and to welcome creators into this process. This is the best information I have available from my most extensive studies. It is meant to serve as launch point for those seeking to learn more, get involved, and to welcome them into the new and exciting stages of creation we are experiencing.

  • Session Topics:

    1) Crystal Masters: Toning, Awakening and Understanding the Planetary Crystal Network(s): 2)Expanding Our Elemental Connections: 3)Gridwork: Crystalline Connections, Stabilization, and the Human Heart Grid: 4) Codework: Purification and Embodiment Techniques to Power Our Creations: 5)Co-Creation and Co-Operation: Preparing Ourselves for Group Work (and Ideas on How To Do It)

Course curriculum


exchange is 74-140 USD, pay what you can. Please contact me directly to register if you would like to share an amount that is within that bracket not listed here!