Topics Covered

  • Theoretical and Practical Understanding of Embodiment

    Embodiment is about intentionality and being-ness. Understanding who we are, how we are energetically created, and how to operate our sacred vessel body ships allows us to be here in mastery. Being in a body, being who we are, being able to do what we can- this is the miracle of life on human earth.

  • Blueprinting, Wayshowing, and Timeline Creation

    We have the chance to use our presence on earth as a way to shift, grow, and create higher vibrational alignment paths through our be-ing. Discover how you can connect to various collectives and use your existence as an act of alignment for all.

  • Responding Dynamically to Lightworking Conditions

    Time of year, geographic location, and soul group/aspect positioning are a few of the many factors that influence what we are able to bring in, work through and when. Learn how to masterfully assess your conditions and identify which alignments are the best for you (and the collective good).

Course curriculum


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Who Would Suit This Class?

Embodiment is an intermediate to advanced level course for those training in my methods. It is a great follow up to I AM and SoulSpeak. It is often a precursor for private training and/or a skills sharpener for more experienced lightworkers.

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