This 3 hour session is modified from a live workshop offered in May, 2018. I offer it at a pay as you can exchange as part of my service to our community. See below for options.

  • How to Hear Your Body

    As we wake up our energy bodies, we often become more sensitive to our environments and are able to 'pick up' feelings, vibrations, and signals as we go throughout our day. Our bodies speak to us through feeling. Learning to identify what is 'yours', what is 'someone elses', and how to manage that are focale points of this offering.

  • Skills You Can Use To Empower You NOW!

    I love sharing practical tools that can be used any time to support your empowered growth. We focus on auric clearing/strengthening, energy body balancing, and energy boundaries throughout.

  • Family Friendly

    As many of us know, youth in the younger generations are born awake. At the time I created this offering, there were several teens and tweens in my life who were experiencing increased sensitivity. This session was delivered to a mixed age group and as such, is youth friendly.

  • 12 strand/ray/chakra approach

    This offering focuses on using your chakra system as a way to understand and connect through your energy body. We focus primarily on earth star through soul gateway, leaving the advanced astral system for a second abridged offering.

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