Engagement Includes:

  • 4 Week Program

    Taking place over 4 weeks, this program places a high priority on creating open space for question and answer, experience sharing, and helping to ground and understand our energy knowledge in application to our movements through the gateway.

  • Private Forum for Ongoing Communication

    A major component of this offering is that all participants will be welcomed into a private forum hosted on google classroom. This serves as our main interface zone. Participants are free to pose gateway related questions to receive ongoing guidance from me (and one another). I will also be posting energy updates and support materials to keep us going. Bigger questions/themes will become the focus of our group calls.

  • 3 Group Calls, 2 Instructional Videos

    Ongoing interaction with other people is something many say they would like to experience more often. These meetings provide the opportunity to receive direct feedback, weekly alignments, and the chance to chat with me and other people on the pathway about how they are experiencing it. This is a chance to express, listen, and connect with people who may become real life friends (as is often the case).

Course curriculum


Exchange for this offering is 137 USD to 169 USD, pay what you can. Paypment plans are accepted, as are partial scholarships. Donors, you are also welcomed into this or any offering at a partial discount or as my guest so long as we remain in balance.