Topics Covered Include

  • Clear and Hear The Grids

    Learn how to hear the grids and work with them and their guardians intuitively. This includes connecting to the history (known and unknown) of the site and calling forth its understanding through your work.

  • Creating and Identifying Power Zones and Sacred Sites in your Area

    The grids are so much more than a few sacred sites. As we light them up, we understand ever more of their complexity. Learn how to find, care for, and begin connecting to these new and different capabilities and grid points (and in some cases, build them too)!

  • You Are An Anchor and Architect of Light

    Connect your own personal journey, healing, and mission into your gridworking story. Learn how to make connections between the three and call forth your specific skills and mission.

Course curriculum

Pricing options

Exchange is set from $290 USD- $390 USD (Pay what you can). Payment plans and alternate payments available. Please contact me at to request.