• An Open Event

    Bringing community together is important to me. Access to this call is 'open', meaning by donation (if you are able) or free if exchanges is not possible. Suggested donation is $10! All gratefully received to support my work this Lion's Gate season.

  • Satsang

    A satsang is a sacred gathering, where community members get together to share insight and light. Talking, sharing, hearing stories from one another is part of this. Kids, family, animals, and friends welcome!

  • Lion's Gate Focus

    As host of the satsang, I will facilitate conversation which will be focused on Lion's Gate and our incoming opportunities to change and grow. All participants are welcome to participate in the sharing.

  • No Video Recording

    Unlike my more focused teaching and sharing events, there will be no video recording made of this satsang. Those who are able to be present are encouraged to participate freely. If you cannot make it this time, there will be more next month.

Course curriculum

Exchange by Donation

This is an open event meaning pay what you can and if you cannot, you are welcome all the same. To access registration and paypal donations links, click here!