Soul Compass IS

A 3 phase self directed learning program that is offered in a brand new ebook! Soul Compass asks us to go deep into who we are by developing self-connection and knowing as a STARTING point for self care and spiritual inquiry. Been on the path for a while? This program is not just for brand newbies. The material is rich for furthering an already experienced practitioner who would like to learn new ways to go deep.

  • Self-Communication as a Path to Healing

    This program teaches how to directly engage with our inner selves to find answers to our deepest questions like: "Why do I do ___" or "What does this sign mean?" or "Which path is best for me?"

  • You Will Learn

    How to: Tailor a soul and self care practice that nurtures and nourishes you; Self-healing techniques including how to fix soul fragments; How to encounter inner wounding (and fix it); How to heal your energy body; How your soul speaks to you through your physical and energetic bodies; How to hear/trust your intuitive guidance; How to do intuitive research; and more!

  • Soul/Body Interface

    Our physical vessel is one of our key tools for soul communication and self connection! Learn how to hear the soul/body conversation and what that language means. We work on building an energy column and straightening the path of our kundalini.

  • Ways to Study

    I have a background in formal education and taught professionally in the academic realm before retiring to run this school. The nerd in me created a little study guide to accompany the program. This includes directed guidance on how to work with self study spiritual development programs. It includes practical suggestions on a schedule you may like to follow as you work with this program, how to retain the knowledge you are building, and tools to practice with. A main thread woven throughout is working with the Soul Compass method to figure out what works for you!

  • Exercises and Tools for Daily Life

    Learn how to cultivate a deep and loving conversation with your soul. Learn how to work with it as a compass that guides you through daily life. Each phase is based around practical self-communication and alignment tools that are diverse and multifaceted.

  • Methods to Support Lifelong Growth

    The tools introduced here are the basis of the IndiCrow self-communication method that stands at the heart of this school. This program is a pre-requisite for anyone seeking more in depth training with me. Why? Because the skills you learn here create the space for knowing discernment that is the hallmark of solid work.

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