• Family Friendly

    These gatherings are specifically designed for young people and their families. It is all about bringing us together for age appropriate learning and sharing on energy related topics.

  • Interactive Online Environment

    We work online through a video calling program called 'zoom'. The participants are able to interact with one another and me during the calls. Participants are NEVER recorded. Anonymity and safety of our participants is paramount.

  • Learning About What Interests US!

    I happily structure content in alignment with the interests, suggestions, and questions posed by participants. We learn everything from how to clear our energy bodies, to how to have high vibe home spaces, to working with dragons and faeries!

Course curriculum


I do not request formal registration fee for participation. Support by way of gift to my paypal or other alternate forms of thanks are welcomed! To get involved, please contact me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com.